Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hanna's most DARING move of the DAY.

So it was around 19:15, my politics class had just finished, and I still had to grab dinner (I can't believe I just wrote dinner by default instead of supper! The adoption of foreign vocabulary creeps in insidiously). Most students had eaten already (including all those that I actually know or have met already), except of course the football players who had just come in from practice.

Since I really did not feel like eating my evening meal alone, I ventured timidly into the biggest area of the dining hall (after THOROUGHLY - and I mean thoroughly - checking whether or not there were any familiar faces in the smaller sections), only to be greeted by tables upon tables of over-sized males. What did I do? Why, I seated myself next to two of the enormous specimens and relied on the fact that I was a foreigner to not make it seem completely strange (which I have, by the way, been doing often for the past week. Let's face it, taking a photo of a self-service electronic check out thingy in a store is not usually considered a normal, non-criminal activity).

Anyway, I am pleased to report that it worked! PHEW! They were very friendly and even waited for me to finish eating...which took a while since I was chatting away nervously - well, maybe not so nervously if I'm to be really honest (I just like the way it sounded in the sentence).
There ends my most daring moment of the day - I hope it riveted you all as much as it did me.


  1. Whoooop Whoooop coeks, you are a super duper lunch companion! :) (I also took a photo of the self checker out thingie in Australia - could not FREAKING believe it!) xx

  2. LOL! You should have whipped out your camera and taken a piccy of them! Haha!! xx

  3. Nice, get involved with the over-sized American home-grown beef!

  4. Hmmm....I likey the sound of this (beefy sportsman!) :) hehehe! And you are right, the nervously sounded good, but it was a complete lie...and for that I will forgive you ;) Lovin' these updates and following them diligently. So much so, that I have created a blog myself...just to follow you!! haha!
    Love you my bestest xxx

  5. Haha! That's pretty darn awesome Amz! lol :) Thanks for being such an amazing best friend! Love you x