Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blog Design - so many options!

As you may have noticed, I am experimenting with different designs for my blog (duh).
Comments and suggestions as to which designs you prefer/ think best/ find easiest to read, etc would  be most welcomed! I'm not entirely sure what look I am going for, as I find that the looks I like aren't always the best in terms of reading and accessibility.

Look forward to hearing your insightful and helpful remarks!


  1. how about a new one every week! :) a change is as good as a holiday!

  2. Hear hear! Agreed! Perhaps I will do just that...mix things up a little bit ya know ;) xxx

  3. have a squizz at :)
    They have wonderful FREE backgrounds!

    Awesome stuff Hanna B! I miss you xx

  4. Hey, i hated that USA background last week, it was too hard to read the writing...this blue is much better! But yeah (said in an American accent)...mix it up! :-) Loving you from afar!! xxx

  5. Thanks for the honesty Amz :) hehe. Think I prefer the blue too! :) Love you!
    Thanks for the tip-off CityGirl! :) Sending you love in the east!

  6. yea Amz, i gotta agree with u there. I wasn't enjoying the USA one- hard to make out whats going on.
    Very cool blog with some good writing though, but where the photo's??!!!!

  7. Can I suggest a brownish/tan/beige autumny colour? It would fit well with your blog theme, the whole "Africa"...not too corny but capturing the warmth of you and the place you're from at the same time. Think you might find the page city girl suggested useful :)