Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where in the WORLD is Hanna B?

Hanna B is in the United States of America...and yet seems to have fallen off the technological radar somewhat; ironic. Apologies to all those who may have logged onto this blog expecting something more exciting and informative! Things have just been completely hectic this week: a jam-packed schedule, coupled with a hint of jet-lag and more than a hint of a time difference (9 hours to be exact), makes for one very exhausted South African! But I promise to be more committed to my blogtivity as soon as things start to settle into more of a routine. For now, a brief summary of the past couple of days:

So far this week has been all about orienting the international students! There are over sixty of us, making us the largest group that Willamette has ever hosted. It has been completely awesome meeting people from all over the world, and it is really a great group of people. Orientation has involved administrative stuff (yawn), tours of campus and town (fun), a dinner out in the town at a coffee shop called the Ike Box that is also a non-profit organisation and has a stage with loads of concerts and open mic nights (very cool, Hanna is immediately paying attention), and today a trip to...drum-roll please...the  beach! (And the crowd goes wild) Or the Oregon Coast. Despite the fact that there was an icy wind blowing, it was a wonderful day, and the Oregon Coast really is beautiful. In fact, Oregon in general is a stunning state. Lots of trees, rivers, open spaces...and other such good and pleasurable things. I braved the freezing cold water (my dad - who swears by cold showers in winter -  would be so proud), and can now say that I have swum in the Pacific Ocean! Hooray. (After that glorious swim, and truly, it was glorious, I was completely freezing and have never been more grateful for dry underwear and a hot's the simple pleasures).

What else is there to say? Willamette University campus is just as pretty as Oregon and Salem (the town in which it is situated). The lawns are as green as green can be, and beautifully tended, there are lots of trees, and even a creek running through it with big white deck chairs on which to pass the time. The food here is UNBELIEVABLE...SO fresh, such variety, an amazing salad bar (and Hanna goes wild), about 5 different salad dressings - as well as olive oil and balsamic vinegar, a fruit bar at breakfast with a variety of fruit already chopped up, a cappuccino machine, muffins, cookies, pastries, hot breakfasts, breakfast cereals, about 5 different sodas and fruit juices on tap, with their diet counterparts, a cappuccino get the picture. Indeed, the first world is certainly something to behold...the wireless internet access that is free, as well as free access to the gym and printing, are testament to this  (Rhodes students will appreciate exactly what this all means).

I hope this has given you all a bit of an idea of where I'm at and what I'm doing! I will upload photo's as soon as possible, so that you can have more than a bit of an idea of the above.

Thanks for tuning in!


  1. Awesome and wow:) My mouth was drooling as you described the food! But looking forward to catching up with you Hanna B!:)
    Much love and grace to you on your new journey!
    Blessings, Mbali~

  2. Oh, but you write so well me dear! (Journalists are pricking their ears!) hehe! I LOVE Youuuuuuuuuuu!

  3. Just spotted on facebook this morning that you have a blog and discovered that you're on an exchange program.

    I thought I'd add that Rhodes is a little ahead of some campuses in South Africa. When Katherine was at Pretoria University (and I think this is still true of her brother at WITS University) there was no free internet at all. And using it wasn't cheap either.

    Also, Rhodes food improved substantially between my first and fourth year there. A few funny food memories are:

    1. The time they served us savoury pancakes that had cheese and fish inside them. They were quite nice once you had first deboned your pancake. :)

    2. The girls would always take a stack of serv... wait... let me try talk American hear. They would take a stack of napkins to always first soak up the oil. By the time I left they still had to do it whenever wors was served (there can't be an American word for this, sausage just sounds wrong).

    3. Once the Normal Lunch consisted of some kind of potato back that had carrots and peas in it. The veggies that day were carrots and peas and the salad was carrot salad.

    4. Once (fortunately only once) we were served up some great smelling 1/4 chickens. With our hopes high we sat down at our tables and then noticed the wing portions hadn't been plucked properly. The girls at the table all left their chicken. I took it, finished plucking the wings and ate a really big plate of food.

    Hope you're having a great time.